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Here at TinyEcoHouse it is our goal to provide quality plans for tiny houses that are affordable and eco-friendly. As people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that they have on the environment, many are scaling down to the tiny house life in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. What's unique about TinyEcoHouse is that not only do we have basic tiny house plans, but we also specialize in tiny house plans for sustainable, off-the-grid living. For those who are interested in living off the land and sustainability, we have plans that incorporate rain water collection systems and solar energy in the form of solar panel and solar sided radiant heating. These micro homes are easy to build and are light on your wallet. Whether you are looking for the financial freedom of no longer having a mortgage, a backyard office space, a "mother in-law" cabin, a full off-the-grid sustainable tiny house or simply to downsize to the tiny house lifestyle we have a design to fit your need.
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No Permit Required Plans

All buildings that are 120 square feet and under, and have no conventional plumbing or electrical are considered "sheds" and therefore do not require a permit to be built. This is true for most counties within the United States including California's Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties which are notorious for extremely strict and expensive building permits.

TinyEcoHome - The A Frame Interior DimensionsTinyEcoHome - The A Frame Floor PlanTinyEcoHome - The A Frame Plans SampleTinyEcoHome - The A Frame Interior
The A-Frame  10' x 12' (120 sq. ft.)

House is 10' x 12' exterior footprint, 120 sq. ft. with an extra 77 sq. ft. loft (10' x 7' 3/4'')
What You Get: Plans are detailed three dimensional CAD designed scale drawings including both raised wood floor and concrete slab foundation option drawings, framing, roofing, siding, drain pluming, basic electrical guide, interior layout plans/drawings to build cabinets, shelves, folding table, custom chairs that convert into a couch, interior bathroom, ladder to loft, in short the whole house from start to livable finish!
Full Plans Set: You get everything described above, full exterior and interior drawings start to finish.
Shell Plans Set: 56 pages including floor/foundation, framing, roofing, siding & drain pluming. Just the shell of the building, 100% finished exterior, framing & loft interior.

*Plans are sent in a PDF file thru e-mail within 24hrs. of order

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TinyEcoHouse - Deer Lodge Greenhouse Tiny Home - Coming Soon
TinyEcoHouse - Deer Lodge Greenhouse Tiny House - Coming SoonTinyEcoHouse - Deer Lodge Greenhouse Tiny House - Coming Soon
Deer Lodge Greenhouse  10' x 12' (120 sq. ft.)

South facing greenhouse with North America angled solar panel mounting roof angle.
10' x 12' Outside footprint, 120 sq. ft. with an extra loft space

Coming Soon
A-Frame Plans: Full Set $129  |  A-Frame Plans: Shell Set  $89
Coming Soon
TinyEcoHome - The A Frame InteriorTinyEcoHome - The A Frame InteriorTinyEcoHome - The A Frame InteriorTinyEcoHome - The A Frame InteriorTinyEcoHome - The A Frame Interior
Deer Lodge Plans: Full Set $129  |  Deer Lodge Plans: Shell Set  $89
Coming Soon
Coming Soon